Financing/Payment Options

  • Option 1: Layaway
    Available with only 10% down.
    Option 2: First Time Buyer's Club
    Designed for new customers with bad credit history or no credit history at all.
    Option 3: Silver Card Members
    If you have an established account in good standing for six months, you can become a Silver Card Member.
    Option 4: Gold Membership
    Brattons Gold Membership is currently available to qualifying members with an account established for at least 11 months.
  • Option 5: EZ Buy!
    With 0% interest! Divide the purchase total by four, write four separate checks for 1/4th of the total purchase amount. Brattons will deposit the first check as a down payment. From then on, one check will be deposited each month, with the final check being deposited 90 days from initial purchase. It's 90 days same as cash with no fees!
    Option 6: Cash or Check